New Category for lovers of Retro Cars and Legendary Cars

This category has been specially created for lovers of Retro Cars and Legendary Cars.

Only DeAgostini and Editions Atlas 1:43 car models are placed in the category so that buyers do not have to search for more than 100 kinds of 1:43 model cars.


Blister (paper base), Blister (fixed base / plastic blister)

Vitrines, Boxed (enclosed box with plastic reinforcement)

At 1:43 scale, the size of cars ranges from 7-12cm depending on the car's type.

Since this is the case for redistributed products, so much of the packaging is pressed during transport, as indicated in the description of the products, but the model cars are free of damage!


Trabant, Wartburg, Lada, Polski Fiat, Wartburg, ZI, ZAZ, ZIL, GAZ, VAZ, Csajka, Skoda ....

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