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IXO és IST Models modellautók

Ehhez a gyártó csoporthoz soroljuk még a J Collection és a Premium X modell autókat is, de azokat a normál 1:43 méret kategóriában találják meg vásárlóink és látohatóink !

1930-as évektől napjainkig készített modellek megtalálhatóak a gyártók kínálatában a modellek...

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Our Marketing people are real car enthusiasts ! They daily follow the car industry and motor-sport actuality, they also keep track of all the car models from different manufacturers, drivers for major racing teams and the results of the most popular races.

Every year, very limited number of car models will be selected by our marketing team and to be reproduced in the IXO Models range.

The first step was to get granted with permission from the car manufacturer or the team owner and then to prepare all the documentation needed to reproduce the model (CAD computer data, factory drawings, photos, etc.). For the racing models, our own product-developing colleagues will attend the most prestigious races (such as Rally Monte Carlo or Le Mans 24 hours) or Car Shows to provide us with the necessary documentation.

All these information are then distributed to Engineering Department where our team of sculptors will create the 3-dimensional model, Simultaneously, our Project Engineers will elaborate the computer drawings for all the different parts and tools.

Once the model prototype and technical drawings are prepared, we shall start to work on the tools.

Manufacturing die-cast model cars requires highly sophisticated steel tools. As different material will be used, we will require several tools.

- Die-cast body
- ABS plastic accessories
- PVC rubber-type tyres
- Clear plastic windows

The tooling process takes several months and only after numerous tests, the tools are finally approved and given to the Production Department.

The metal body will be produced through a die-cast injection machine, where the melted zamak (zinc alloy) will be sent inside the mould at a temperature of 470s.

These die-cast bodies will be trimmed and polished in a centrifugal drum containing ceramic stones.

A similar process will be used to inject the plastic parts.

Our PMC department carefully follows the production planning and schedule of each IXO Models which each consists of the more than 50 different parts. Specific personnel has been arranged to follow up the schedule of the production of all different parts to ensure the assembly of IXO Models to be on schedule.

Most of these parts, including the plastic parts, are hand painted to give to the models the most sophisticated finish.

The decoration techniques add to the racing cars even more realistic elements, which IXO Models can claim to have the most advanced technology and expertise. Several techniques must be simultaneously used to guarantee an accurate decoration :

- Mask spraying, allowing to paint a small surface of the part in
a different colour.
- Pad printing, allowing to print directly on the body shell.
- Silk-screen printed water decals, sourced from the best
European supplier.

All these decoration techniques are applied on the model by a selected team of "gold-finger" craftsmen who will need several months of training before being able to decorate our latest racing models.

When all the parts are painted and decorated, the models are going through the final assembly line and carefully checked before packed and shipped all over the world.